Does Tourette Syndrome control your or your child’s life?  Would you like to feel like you’re in control of your tics or at least manage them better? How about this - have you realized sugar, preservatives and other additives make your tics WORSE? Are you hesitant to introduce sweets back into your or your child’s diet for fear of having an episode?  

What if I told you that  I can show you how your family could still enjoy desserts without having to worry about them triggering tics? Even better, what if you you could learn to control tics or at least reduce them through nutrition?


I've created a free mini recipe ebook with recipes that are not only Tourette Syndrome safe, each recipe also contains special ingredients to help better manage tics.

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I’m Victoria and I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome 20 years ago. I never realized food would play such a crucial role in managing the disorder. Not only have my tics reduced by over 90%, I know exactly which foods help me and which ones harm me. By identifying my trigger foods and avoiding those, I not only function but I’ve thrived in society for 15 years. In fact, I’m an accomplished endurance athlete, sports nutritionist, health coach and public speaker.

I’ve spent the last 20 years working in well-known, allergy-friendly bakeries, developing alternative recipes in my own bakery as well as for others, while consistently researching which foods may trigger tics. 

My mission is to help you enjoy desserts without worrying about the aftermath, and I’m dedicated to providing you with simple dessert recipes that are still tasty but are completely Tourette Syndrome safe.