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Krystle Alexander Uribe

Krystle struggled with thyroid and adrenal fatigue issues. She was repeatedly told her blood work was normal, even though she knew something was off.

Tammy Hribar-Murphy

She’s a fierce female but also a volleyball player’s mom. For Tammy, it was important for her daughter and her daughter’s volleyball team (Revolution Volleyball Academy) in Phoenix, Arizona to properly fuel their bodies before, during and after tournaments.

Dawn Mercer

Dawn is a feisty female and endurance athlete who wanted to take her fitness to the next level.


Jamie Bigley

A plant-based gal with a hectic schedule. She was frustrated for years with trying to find how to meet her goals and stick to a vegan diet. Many of the plans she tried before were not specific to her needs.

Megan Kirchhoff

Megan was looking for help transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. She wanted to find a coach who could not only help guide her but also make her feel comfortable when sharing her health concerns.


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Anthony Olivieri III, Owner & Co-President of Buell & Olivieri Insurance

Sometimes in life we meet people that profoundly change us.

We’ve all had those experiences with certain individuals, where our lives are vastly different after our interaction with them.  For me, Dr. Jaime Parker and Victoria Barrios qualify as people in that rarified air of influencers and life changers.  My entire adult life I have strived to be in good physical shape, always focusing on staying fit and toned, even as I age.  However, the athletic aesthetic of the outside has always taken a priority over my health on the inside.  It wasn’t until recently when I reached a milestone birthday and felt the twinge of actually aging, that I felt the overwhelming desire to focus on my insides in equal measure. I guess the frivolity of youth had finally washed away and I was at a crossroads on how to accept this new period in my life.  That is where Avidity came in.

Although I live in Ohio and they are based in Arizona, they were able to make our communications transcend the physical distance and make an instant personal connection.  From my very first interaction with them, I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion and support.  They immediately gained an understanding of what my health goals were and gently advised and taught me how to achieve them.  Their approach towards me was customized to what would work specifically for me, and I was able to be honest with them on what I was willing to try from both an exercise and nutritional standpoint.  They emphasized incorporating small changes to my diet and exercise regimen, not for a quick fix, but rather in a manner in which I could adopt these changes as a lifestyle modification that would serve me over the long haul.

They taught me ways on how to substitute the food and beverage items I loved with healthier options–without sacrificing the joy that came from those things.  They gave me advice that even my personal physician never did to help me overcome specific concerns like low iron absorption and borderline high cholesterol.  Their advice on these two specific topics alone, helped me to improve my numbers where all other prior dietary attempts had failed.  Their knowledge and willingness to adapt their advice to what I would actually follow was remarkable.  There was never any pressure to try something I wasn’t comfortable with, for they knew it would not be something I would follow long term if it were.  Their sensitivity and caring approach is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced in the health and nutrition field.

In a world where it seems we have so little control, Avidity helped me take control of an area of my life that is of paramount importance.  Of course, there are no guarantees of good health for any of us.  As John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens, when you’re busy making plans”.  However, proactively taking control of my health in a way I never have before, does guarantee that I am doing all I can to improve my chances for overall health and well-being.  The rest I place in God’s hands.  I will forever be grateful for the advice and counsel of Dr. Jaime and Victoria, for their knowledge and coaching have helped not only my physical well-being, but my emotional and mental outlook as well. Aging is a sometimes-scary lifelong journey, but it is a journey made more comforting and more confident with the Avidity Sisters’ gentle support and expert guidance.

Adam Bergen, Avid Cyclist & Mountain Biker

Victoria Barrios and Jaime Parker, co-founders of Avidity Sisters, have pursued their passion to help people like me and my family think differently about how we eat, listen to our bodies, and learn how we can take better care of ourselves.

When I first met Jaime, I discovered a person who consciously listens and empathizes.  As a single dad (father of four), I am outnumbered on multiple fronts and was searching for support and guidance not only for myself, but the well-being of my kids.  As an avid cyclist and mountain biker, I have learned how to take care of my body but have struggled to develop a consistent healthy approach to diet and exercise with my kids.

Jaime is incredibly efficient and wasted no time in getting me connected with her sister Victoria.  While Jaime worked with me to find peace, life-balance and a path forward, Victoria worked with me to develop a program and approach for my kids focusing on nutritional and fitness mindfulness. Victoria was wonderful and demonstrated her enthusiasm to help my family by implementing a fitness routine specific to each of my kids.  She came out to our house and hosted a collaborative hands-on Smoothie demo with my kids.  I recall that my kids were over the moon about this and couldn’t wait for Victoria to show up.  This event motivated my kids and generated interest and excitement about a better way to eat and treat their bodies.

Victoria would schedule and conduct regular phone calls with me to discuss healthy eating and grocery shopping strategies for my family.  I like Jaimie and Victoria and so do my kids.  We trust them.  Avidity Sisters are passionate about what they do and put into practice every day what they say.  I recommend seeking a consultation with Jaime and Victoria as the impact has been life changing.

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Jackie Kennell, Arizona State Investigator

I had food allergy testing done. It turned out that I showed food sensitivities in all areas of food groups. My allergy Dr. wanted me to eliminate everything that I tested positive for, for a period of 4 weeks and then bring back one item at a time so we could see how by body reacted. Well, this presented a pretty big problem for me. I had no idea how to create a food plan for 4 weeks eliminating over 50 different foods. I reached out to Avidity Wellness Consulting and they were more than willing to create such a meal plan for me. They were very knowledgeable and sympathetic to my situation and came up with the perfect meal plan for me. I could not have done it without their help.

Staci Vitt, Assistant Manager at Athleta Kierland Commons, Scottsdale, AZ 

They helped me make small changes to my diet so I could meet my goals.  Jaime helped me to make lifestyle changes that didn’t feel like I was missing out on things I love to eat!!



Kristina Haney, Sales Manager, DoubleTree Gilbert and Best Western Legacy Inn

Jaime has been such a blessing in my life! I started running 5k races at the beginning of 2016 and was lost on what path to take when it came to nutrition.

She was so helpful when I asked a million questions and gave me great suggestions that have allowed me to run my best and even accomplish personal goals along the way. Her constant encouragement, health tips, and glittery personality is something that everyone can benefit from.

Katie Stookesberry, Executive Assistant to the President, Aspen Music Festival and School

Incredible knowledge, love, and support.

These are the words that describe Dr. Jaime and Victoria, the owners of Avidity.

During the training for my first full marathon I was suffering from lots of imbalances in my nutrition, causing me to not recover properly and putting me in the bathroom more often than not. Jaime and Victoria provided me with personalized advice and tips regarding my diet, and how to dig deeper to find the source of my problems. They’re constantly sending me great recipes, healthier substitutes for foods that I love, and more. In addition, Jaime and Victoria are the epitome of support. If you need any emotional, nutritional, or physical support for any wellness challenge in your life, please consider working with or hiring them for consultations or events. These ladies really know what they are doing, and it’s obvious that they love doing it!


Kristy Jozwiak, Co-Founder of Duality PR, Duality PR

Jaime helped me to become more knowledgeable and confident in making nutrition and fitness decisions.

She helped me to lose four dress sizes leading up to my wedding! There’s no better– or more supportive– wellness coach around. I’d wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to reach their health and wellness goals. She’s the best of the best!

Shawnda Boysel, Rodan & Fields Independent Consultant

I want to tell you my story, and thank Avidity wellness, Dr. Jaime Parker and Victoria Barrios for changing my life!

In April 2017, I weighed the most I have ever weighed in my adult life, I’m 58, and my health was suffering. Definitely depressed, and addicted to sugar, unhealthy eating, and not moving.
Dr. Jaime and Victoria talked me through where to begin, setting realistic goals, how to shop, recipes, easy 9 minute workouts for my body, using my own body weight!
I began, and started feeling better quickly. At 8 weeks, I hit a wall, and my GOODNESS, these women helped me to measure success in so many other ways than what the scale said! And how to reward myself when goals reached- hello cute toes! And great sandals!
I’m 19 lbs down, absolutely feeling sooooo strong, healthy, got a great report back from my physical– I AM SO GRATEFUL! Thank you so much Avidity Sisters! I recommend you highly!!


Letisha A. Bustamante, Winner of Sprouts 21 Day Healthy Habit Challenge

I loved the support you provided.

I learned that the amount of salty foods at night; if that was my only meal, would cause dehydration in the morning. There was a moment in which I was feeling extremely dehydrated and no matter how much water I was drinking, it did not satisfy my thirst. I learned it was not only the food I was eating but the time of day that I was eating that was affecting me. I’ve changed so many bad habits -from eating out too much, to trying to eat bigger amounts earlier in the day instead of late at night.

I absolutely love the food options from Sprouts where I shop most often! I tried new snacks that I ended up loving so much. I took small baby steps each week. It wasn’t a strict demand from them to completely quit all bad habits, and I liked that because that is where I could fall backwards. It took time and it took small steps to get closer to a healthier lifestyle.

That’s what I love about Avidity Sisters – they not only understood the concept of a healthy lifestyle, but were very patient with me as well. Thank you Avidity Sisters, BILINER, and Sprouts for this opportunity!

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Lindsay Preach

Working with Avidity Wellness Consulting & Events has been the best decision I have ever made for myself and they have made a huge impact on my life. I have either played or coached competitive volleyball for twenty years and have worked with a variety of different coaches throughout my career. I can confidently say, these two are the most positive, caring, motivating and helpful coaches I have ever had the pleasure learning from and working on bettering myself with.

Before meeting Jaime and Victoria, I was majorly lacking energy and was not sure why I could not lose weight, as I was working out hard five to six times a week and I thought I was eating healthy. After they thoroughly reviewed my bloodwork, food journal and forms, I learned that I was not eating or working out properly. They have helped and guided me to fully transition to a plant based lifestyle, which is something the “old me” would never have thought would be possible. It has made such a difference in my life, and I couldn’t have done it without Jaime and Victoria.  They have also helped me with a workout plan that fits in with my goals and interests.

In just two months I have:

·         Gained a ton of energy which I was majorly lacking

·         Lost weight 

·         Increased endurance 

·         Improved focus 

I would HIGHLY recommend Avidity Wellness Consulting & Events. They are awesome and have helped me get on track. I have seen such a difference in two months and am looking forward to what is ahead.

Thank you Jaime and Victoria!