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Redefine Your Identity From the Inside Out

Victoria Barrios is an award winning corporate health coach, the host of Thriving with a Tic Disorder and The Kitchen Shift Series, and the co-founder of Avidity Wellness Consulting & Events.

She's coached over 5,000 individuals and has presented over 250 times in both English and Spanish.

She's currently a Lifestyle Transformation Coach, an endurance athlete and Sports Nutritionist who specializes in empowering busy professionals, athletes, and the athletically-minded with unique food needs.

I work with passionate professionals who are ready to uncover their identity and transform their mindset in order to confidently lead an on-the-go lifestyle for their unique needs and preferences.

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You're here because you're ready for more than just a meal or fitness plan - you’re hungry for radical lifestyle transformation. We focus on three main components in coaching: Understanding your identity, shifting your mindset and transforming your lifestyle.

I'm only able to work with a handful of committed professionals at a time in my 1:1 mentoring program. My only requirements are that you commit to showing up as your true self, to doing the work, and to not give up on yourself.

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Why Lifestyle Transformation Coaching?

I believe true transformation comes from a radical encounter with God himself. I’ve had too many experiences to ignore the reality of Jesus and I want others to experience the freedom that comes from abiding in Him. I’m not talking about religion, legalism or performance. I’m talking about true freedom where you are radically loved and fully known. You have significance. Your food, fitness and lifestyle choices should never define you or restrict you. I used to look to food as my source of healing and while it’s honorable, it’s misguided. It was still controlling me. But once I let go of fear, everything shifted!

True transformation also comes when you have vision. Without knowing where you going or who you are, lifestyle transformation won’t happen! Are you ready to redefine your reality, discover how valuable you really are and find out where you’re going? Let’s get to work!



People Be Talkin'

"I was worried that our styles wouldn't match -- how she coaches vs. how I want to be coached. But she definitely put those fears to rest immediately, as she catered her coaching style to what I wanted and needed!

Victoria is [also] really good with all of the mental stuff, which is a huge issue of mine. Wanting to quit, self-doubt, being self-conscious, etc. She knew just what to say. Having unlimited text/email availability has been amazing too! It's been helpful just sending her a simple text like "Hey, can I eat this?" or "Should I do this or this at the gym?"

-Brandon West

 "Working with Victoria was awesome. She provided me with a comprehensive plan to tackle my goals. My energy majorly picked up, I learned a lot of nutritional information that I had no idea about.

I was a competitive athlete my entire life and I felt lost after my athletic career ended with how to eat and workout. Victoria helped me learn how to be self- sufficient and how to rely on myself. It was an investment in myself, and I’m so glad I made that.

Victoria is positive, upbeat, knowledgeable and the most driven person I’ve ever met. She is really funny as well. I also like that if I’m going out to eat, I could reach out and she would look at the menu and give me options. You won’t be disappointed."

-Lindsay Preach

"Victoria's coaching style is motivating, fun and supportive, never intrusive or judgmental - she's a true partner who listens to your needs and makes adjustments accordingly to fit your preferences and lifestyle.
I gained a much better understanding of what to look for on labels, tips for where to shop and [how to[ stock my pantry with tasty, healthy foods at-the-ready.

We spent a session shopping and cooking and I'm now able to create meals that taste amazing and are convenient - a win/win! I [even] learned creative tips on how to find foods that work for me in restaurants and airports."

-Sally Pawsat

"I would definitely recommend Victoria because she had a wealth of knowledge and resources to help almost anyone who is looking to heal their bodies through nutritional needs. Also, she has a way with people. She puts her clients first and always keeps things easy to follow. She makes herself very available for your needs and has such a kind heart, which make you feel like she TRULY cares about YOUR health!

I didn’t have any concerns other than money, if you also understand how much you pay for medications compared to the cost of finding solutions, then you are SAVING in the long term."
-Katie Pierce

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