Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

from 100.00


  • One 45 minute virtual session (video call, phone call, FaceTime)

  • Review of intake form, goals, food journal and/or food intolerance test results

  • Personal goal setting with specific guidance on how to achieve short-term goals

  • Unique nutritional guidance based on your dietary preferences and needs

  • One time follow up email with personalized suggestions based on consultation


Prefer an in-person consult? We can meet you in your home or area. (Subject to location. Must be local to Phoenix, AZ area).

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Things with which we can assist include but are not limited to:

  • Holistic nutrition coaching

  • Holistic nutrition coaching for the athlete or athletically-minded

  • Training plans for the endurance athlete

  • Developing a hydration schedule for the athlete

  • Proper fueling before and after exercise

  • What to eat during a training workout or race

  • Sports supplement, herbal supplement, and aromatherapy guidance

  • Nutrition for the injured athlete

  • Nutrition for athletes with a chronic illness or condition

  • Consuming adequate nutrients and calories to maintain a healthy body weight for optimal performance

  • Avoid injury or pain and recover faster with proper nutrition

*Option to meet in person for all individual packages (must be within Phoenix area)

**Option to review blood work, allergy testing results, food journal, and/or current training plan in all personal packages