Business Workshop(s) + Public Speaking

Business Workshop(s) + Public Speaking



  • One hour workshop: includes 45 minutes of content with 15 minutes Q&A

  • Option to purchase nutritional snacks and/or beverages for workshop

  • *Subject to added travel fees



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Jaime has a passion for sharing how food is fuel and movement can be the most positive escape out there. After living life in a back brace for 23 hours per day due to scoliosis, she turned to running as her outlet. Some years later, she adopted a plant-based lifestyle due to several cancer scares.

50 marathons and over 100 other endurance events later, she desires to show people that leading a plant-based lifestyle is possible and can be the hidden key to sports performance as well as combatting almost any disease out there.

Victoria speaks on understanding your identity and not letting the challenges in life or conditions you have hold you back. After overcoming Tourette Syndrome, depression, skin issues, and food intolerances through nutrition, endurance running, lifestyle changes, connection, community and faith, Victoria aims to empower others to do the same thing.

*Base price = $997.00 for public speaking. Contact us for in person local workshops or event curation (Scottsdale, AZ and Austin, TX).

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