Are you ready to….

  • Makeover your food experience?

  • Have FUN while eating allergy-friendly?

  • Meet your athletic performance goals no matter what your diet requires from you?

  • Learn allergy-friendly strategies for eating out and traveling?

  • Discover allergy-friendly and alternative swaps for common recipe ideas?

  • Maintain a professional lifestyle when you have unique dietary needs, no matter where you go?

  • Systemize shopping, meal planning, food prepping, and budgeting?

  • Learn to safely decipher food and supplement labels?

  • Connect with other like-minded individuals and experience life together?

  • Get access to the best nutrition, supplement, treatment and healing options out there?

  • Make simple, allergy-friendly recipes family-friendly and economical?

  • Shift your mindset and create long-lasting habits that will help you stick to your unique needs no matter who you’re with or where you go?

  • Live life to your fullest potential the way God designed you to do?

The allergy-friendly life community with Victoria Barrios

OMG me too! Here’s why I decided to create this community…

(Insert your personal story… food allergies, Tourette, endurance, baking, Jesus…etc.)

If allergy-friendly, alternative living as a busy professional, athlete, or athletically minded individual is just TOO difficult for you, well, you’re in the perfect place.

Here’s why….

Here’s what you’ll get in the membership…

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Core elements of The Allergy-Friendly Life and Transformational Lifestyle Coaching with Victoria

Coaching Core Elements

Physical nutrients = conscious daily choices

  • Nutrition, movement, sleep, connection

Life structure = subconscious daily habits and lifestyle

  • Schedule, organization, finances, etc.

Beliefs = identity (who society says you are versus who you were created to be)

  • Physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, relational

Environment = your surroundings

  • Work, home, outdoors, travel, culture, upbringing, family, gym, clubs, etc.

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Cost / Money back guarantee (no refunds) but you’ll get access to BOTH membership tiers for the first 30 days as the founding members.

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If you’re looking to work with Victoria privately for any of the following, fill out the form by visiting this link and set up a time to chat with her!

  • Private transformational coaching

  • Pantry makeover, allergy-friendly recipe curation, class, event or experience

  • Wellness consulting for your sports team, gym or business

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