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Shift Your Kitchen with Victoria Barrios

The kitchen should be the place where true connection, authentic community, radical hospitality and culture intersect. With so much disconnect and misinformation out there, the heart behind this community comes from a desire to provide experiences, connections, resources and coaching for busy professionals, families and the athletically-minded with unique nutritional needs, preferences and goals.

Are you ready for your kitchen to become a place of connection, radical hosputality and community no matter what your food preferences or needs are?


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 Here’s what you’ll find:

Your new allergy-friendly lifestyle best friends. Together we’ll dive into my best tips for creating transformational transformation connection around my favorite subject - food! Join us while we tackle unique nutrition, athletic performance and allergy-friendly lifestyle needs for the professional (even on the go!).

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Why this community is important to me

What we eat matters, but it shouldn't be the focus our life. I overcame Tourette Syndrome, eczema, food in tolerances and more through nutrition and lifestyle changes; however, I was giving food the power in my life, which gave food the ability to dictate my life. My goal is to help you create authentic connection and community with like-minded people who want make the best decisions they can for their unique food needs and busy lifestyles, but without allowing the food to control them. My mission is to help you navigate the confusing waters of food-related misinformation so that you can become empowered to make informed choices on your own!

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 The Quick Fixer

In this membership, you get to go at your own pace.

The Table Sharer

Here, you'll find consistent accountability and connection in a community format.

The Private Chef

You know you need consistent one-on-one accountability to make lifestyle changes possible. Here, you'll work privately with Victoria to make those changes a reality!

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Victoria Barrios

Victoria Barrios is an award winning corporate health coach, founder of Thriving with a Tic Disorder and the co-founder of Avidity Wellness Consulting & Events.

She's coached over 5,000 individuals and has presented over 250 times in both English and Spanish.

She's currently a Lifestyle Transformation Coach, an endurance athlete and Sports Nutritionist who specializes in empowering busy professionals, athletes, and the athletically-minded with unique food needs.

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