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Why work with Avidity?

Are you ready to Healthify Your Life or Next Event?

Founded by two extremely enthusiastic, holistic wellness professionals who just happen to be sisters, Avidity brings wellness to your personal life or business. If you’re an athlete, an athletically-minded individual we are here to help you reach your personal goals through a holistic approach. If you’re an athletically-focused business, we’re here to enhance your already established business through holistic wellness workshops and plans for your sports teams or clients.

We are not going to teach the basic, food pyramid or just talk to you about macros and counting calories. We are not going to simply hand you a workout program that may not even work for you long-term.

What we ARE going to do is help you establish goals and make them a reality.

We’ve both overcome health issues that include Tourette Syndrome, scoliosis, cancer, acne, and severe food allergies, all by changing how we fueled our bodies.  Remarkably, we’ve even learned to channel pain and hardships through physical outlets which have become our passions!

As athletes, we also understand the frustration with finding the right fuel out there to help us enhance our training. We all wonder, what sports drink should I be consuming for lost electrolytes? How do I sustain this level of intensity for my entire workout? Am I going to feel worse or better after I’m finished with this training day or race? Trust us, we’ve BEEN there!

So if you’re also looking to take your endurance training to the next level, or overcome an illness, intolerance, or disorder through simple lifestyle changes, we’re here to make that happen.


So how can we help you?

Performance is crucial for the athlete, but performing in your everyday life is also important. There are so many factors that go into how we live every single day. Whether you have an imbalance in your gut or diet, in your mental state, in your workplace, or at home, these things go way beyond the typical problems most believe to simply be caused by poor diet and lack of exercise.

If you’re looking to motivate clients or to enhance a training program, we can help you establish a nutrition and fitness regimen that’s personalized for you and your business. We can also speak on topics that are specific to your sport or wellness concern.

Avidity comes directly to your office, home, or studio in the form of consultations, presentations, demos, and classes. If we can’t meet you in person, we will meet you online.

Se Habla Español.


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